5 Celebs Who Had to Accept Weird Jobs to Pay The Bills

5 Celebs Who Had to Accept Weird Jobs to Pay The Bills

While the majority of celebrities are rich and powerful now, most have a much more humble beginning. To make ends meet, many of them had to work normal jobs like the rest of us. But, others had to work some pretty strange gigs early on, before they became famous. Here are of some of the weirdest jobs celebrities have had.

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Brad Pitt

Currently, Brad Pitt is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. However, he always wasn’t an actor. Before he became the star he is today, he was in journalism school. Once he dropped out, he wound up working at El Pollo Loco. Not as a cashier or a cook, but as a man in a dancing chicken costume, to hand out flyers and attract customers.

Patrick Dempsey

While Patrick Dempsey is another big-time actor, best known for his role on Grey’s Anatomy, acting wasn’t his first gig as a performer. He was actually an avid juggler when he was younger and even placed second in a national juggling competition back in high school. Not only that, but this juggling skills got him a spot on the ABC show, Overnight Success. At the time, we’re betting he never thought he would end up becoming a television star.

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Hugh Jackman

Jackman is an A-list actor who’s best known for his role as Wolverine in the X-Men franchise. However, before he became the action star he is today, Jackman had a much more mundane job. After traveling from Australia to England, he wound up working as a physical education teacher at the Uppingham School in East Midlands. Funny enough, years later, Jackman ran into a former student (turned entertainment reporter) on the red carpet.

Geena Davis

While she is rich and famous now, Geena Davis wasn’t always that way. When she was a child, she wanted to become famous more than anything and doing some local modeling seemed like a good place to start. She moved to New York City in 1979 and worked as a sales clerk at Ann Taylor to make ends meet. Eventually, she was promoted from sales to modeling, meaning she had to model clothes in the window of the store like a mannequin. While that is a strange job, it worked out well for her because it was how she got noticed by a top agent.

Johnny Depp

Today, Johnny Depp is making more money than many other actors in Hollywood and is one of the most recognizable faces on the planet. But before he was booking giant roles and appearing on the big screen, Depp worked in sales. Not just any kind of sales. Actually, he was actually a ballpoint pen salesman. However, soon after, he was convinced by a young Nicolas Cage to try acting.  

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