Credit Building

Has your credit score suffered from past financial mistakes? Are you looking to improve your credit so you can purchase a house, take out a personal loan, or to simply get your finances in order? If so, our credit building program might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

What is Our Credit Building Program?

Our credit building program, which can also be referred to as credit sharing, is the process of being added to someone’s credit card account so that you’ll reap the benefits of their stable and healthy credit score. The main purpose of our credit building program is to improve and build your credit score so that your creditworthiness also improves and you can move forward into a healthier and more prosperous financial future.

Who Will Benefit from Credit Building?

Simply put, anyone can benefit from credit building. But of course, anyone who has bad credit or wants to improve their credit score for a specific reason (i.e. to gain access to better more affordable financial products) will benefit the most. If any of the following situations describes your current financial standing, credit building is a great option for you:

  • You were irresponsible with your credit cards in the past and your credit score has suffered because of it.
  • You’ve been rejected for too many credit and loan products because of poor credit.
  • You’re in the market to purchase your first home but want a higher credit score to increase your chances of approval and expand your options.
  • You need to purchase a new vehicle and want to make sure you’ll be offered an affordable interest rate.

How Credit Sharing Can Help You

Your credit score is the backbone of your finances and the healthier your score, healthier your overall finances will be. Credit building can help you grow, build, and nurture your credit score so you’ll be able to access all the loan and credit opportunities you need and want.

Better Credit Will…

  • Allow you to save money over time with more affordable interest rates
  • Help you get approved for larger loans so you can make those big life purchases
  • Get hired for your dream job (if the employer requires a credit check)
  • Rent a great apartment

Start Building Your Credit Today

Building and growing your credit score does take time, so if you have a large purchase to make in the future, are tired of high-interest rates, or simply need help with your credit, it’s in your best interest to get started right away. Apply today and be one step closer to the great credit score you want!

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