Falling Stars: These Celebrities Lost it All Because of Their Addictions

Falling Stars: These Celebrities Lost it All Because of Their Addictions

Drugs, alcohol, and other addictions plague millions of people all over the world, each and every day. However, stars celebrities often suffer from addiction more than the standard person, due to their wealth and easy access to any vice they want.

Whereas some stars can avoid the temptations of addiction, others aren’t so lucky. These five celebrities, in particular, lost a lot as a result of their addictions.

1. Lindsay Lohan

In the early 2000s, Lindsay Lohan was making millions of dollars and starring in full-length feature films, having been a child-star that successfully transitioned into a hard-working actor. However, the fame got to her head and she couldn’t seem to stay away from the nightclubs, causing her to get arrested and sent to rehab numerous times. It’s been tough for her to fully recover from her addictions and get back to her once promising career.

2. Whitney Houston

At the height of her career, Whitney Houston was one of the biggest mainstream recording artists on the planet. She was a star for years, but when she married Bobby Brown (who was known for being a bit of a bad boy), many thought it was he who introduced her to drugs. Soon After, Huston’s career began a steep decline and drugs took over her life. Unfortunately, she ended up paying the ultimate price for her addiction when she passed away in 2012.

3. Mischa Barton

Another star of the early 2000s, Mischa Barton was known as one of the lead characters on the teen drama, The O.C., which was one of the most popular shows on TV. Sadly, in recent years, she’s gotten less recognition for her acting and more for her troubles with drugs, and the law. Back in 2007, Barton was arrested for DUI and possession of marijuana.

4. Charlie Sheen

Not too long ago, Charlie Sheen had one of the largest public meltdowns in Hollywood history. He went from being a respected actor on a popular show, making tens of millions of dollars every year, to having numerous battles drug addiction and psychological issues. In fact, you couldn’t go a day without hearing about something reckless that Sheen was doing. While he regained some control in recent years, it seems he may never go back to being the same Charlie Sheen he was before.

5. John Daly 

John Daly is one of the most polarizing golfers of all time. The problem is, no matter how successful he’s been with his golfing career, his addiction to gambling has cost him much of his winnings. Daly himself estimates that he’s lost nearly $60 million in gambling over his the course of his life. In addition to his gambling, John Daly is yet another star who’s had repeated issues with drug and alcohol abuse. It just goes to show you what being in the spotlight can do.

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