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About Rebound Finance

Rebound Finance was created to provide all Americans, including those who have constrained credit, with access to the financial products they want. We’ve worked tirelessly to create relationships with dozens of credit and loan providers who specialize in the subprime credit market so that our clients can get access to better services.

We believe that everyone deserves the chance to achieve their dreams. So whether you’re looking for a loan, help to build credit, a better way to grow your business, or if you’re just looking for a faster way to get out of debt, Rebound Finance can instantly connect you with a service provider in your area. Our proprietary technology allows us to focus on more than just your credit score, which makes the financial services offered on our website accessible to more people, faster.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure anyone who wants an improved financial standing gets a real chance to make their goals a reality. We are passionate about helping hard-working Americans and their families achieve their financial dreams. With greater access to capital and credit services, we believe anyone can be financially successful.

Of course, helping our clients achieve their dreams and gain access to the financing they need, is just the first step. We are committed to helping all our clients acquire the knowledge they need to succeed. Whether it’s through our website, blog posts, or our great customer service, we want to help you conquer any and all of your financial issues.

How Rebound Finance Works

Rebound Finance works with an extensive network of partners to provide business owners and credit constrained individuals with the services they need to succeed. Our simple and fast online form connects individuals with solutions and service providers that may work for them.


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