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I felt like my credit score was holding me back and Rebound Finance found a lender who got me a loan without even checking my credit. Talk about an awesome service!

- Elias, Fresco CA

I had a lot of credit card debt and 3 payday loans. I couldn't keep up with my payments. Rebound Finance helped me consolidate my payments and pay it all off.

- Alexa, Orlando FL

I was behind on my taxes and had trouble with the IRS. Thankfully I heard about Rebound Finance who helped me get my tax payments consolidated and back on track.

- Esteban, Dallas TX

As a student, I didn't have any credit history and got denied for my car loan. I used Rebound Finance's credit building program to build up my score and finance the car I wanted.

- Alexa, Chicago IL

My business needed financing to carry us over through the winter season. Rebound Finance connected us with First Down Funding and getting approved was a breeze. It was great working with the team.

- Jessica, Plattsburgh NY


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    Rebound Finance offers debt relief, loan, credit and business financing solutions for Americans of all credit types.

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    Our application process is fast, simple and secure. We'll only need a little bit of information from you to match you with a provider.

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    After you submit your application, our system will analyze your information to find you the best offer or solution available.

Why Rebound Finance?Second Chance Credit

Lenders reject about 1 in every 2 applications they receive, which is why Americans are turning to financing solutions with exceedingly higher borrowing costs. Rebound Finance is here to change that. With a diverse product set and an extensive partner network, Rebound Finance will connect you to a service provider ready to help. Rebound Finance has created its own innovative proprietary technology to help you, the customer, realize there is hope, and to never give up.

Our CommitmentDebt Free Starts With Rebound Finance

We connect credit-constrained Americans to low-rate lending solutions, as well as creative debt and credit services to help our customers get out of debt and build credit faster. We strive to be America's top destination for credit services.

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